America is Being Torn to Bits by the Left and Right

Fakestream Fighters


As a strong Trump supporter I’ll admit I lean right on many issues, but as a true Independent I also lean left on many others – especially social issues. For instance, I want a border wall, but I also think women have the absolute right to decide what to do with their bodies. As a registered Independent who regrettably voted for Obama in 2008, Donald Trump represented a chance for middle class Americans to get the country back from 28 years of absolute incompetence and corruption. In three decades, the middle class has nearly been destroyed from Bush to Clinton and back to Bush…and then worst of all, Barrack Obama.

Americans have been brainwashed like cultists and herded like sheep in a globalist agenda that’s hell bent on bringing down the one nation that stands for true freedom. While the election of Donald Trump came solely from middle Americans, it…

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