Alex Jones: “After Comey Firing, Susan Rice’s lawyers begin to make plans to protect themselves from legal repercussions.” IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING FOLKS! The Clinton-Obama house of cards is about to collapse!


Comey, immunity king, was running interference for all of the democrats. With him and Lynch out of play, there’s no excuse for this nonsense to continue.

A Conservative PAC that helped expose Hillary’s scandals to the public will begin researching and exposing Elizabeth Warren’s scandals ahead of her 2018 Senate campaign. Where did the money come from Warren?!

A conservative political action group is embarking on a long-term research project aimed at making life “difficult” for Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren ahead of her 2018 Senate re-election bid and an expected run for president in 2020.

America Rising PAC provided details of the strategy in a memo distributed to reporters on Monday.

The aim of “the Elizabeth Warren Initiative” will be to “make Warren’s life difficult during her 2018 Senate re-election contest” and to conduct research to “damage” her 2020 presidential prospects, America Rising executive director Colin Reed said.

Warren is…

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